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Air-cooled cooler without changeable water

Waterless cooler

Circulating water is a closed circuit, no foreign matter contamination from outside air.
Operates anywhere in the world.
Cooling towers are not used, so there is no condensation or deterioration of the cooling water.
Stable supply of cooling water can be maintained by keeping it at a constant temp. throughout the year


  • Simplification -simplified water tank system and cooling tower piping-
  • Air-cooled cooler -without cooling water-
  • Stable molding -optimal control of water "quality", " temp." and "pressure"
  • Do not stop the factory -prevent shutdown-
  • Free expansion -supports future expansion-

Initial cost · running cost comparison

Rated power consumption

※ It changes according to the operating situation

Backup operation function

Even if some chillers fail, the remaining chillers automatically perform emergency operation to avoid a complete stop of heat source operation.
→Repair is possible without stopping the equipment!

Rotation control

The operation load of each chiller is equalized by starting from the chillers with the smallest number of start / stop times. You can extend the life of the entire system.

Installation comparison

In addition to functional features, space-saving design for smart installation

It is taking a place and unable to prevent objects causing failures

Prevent objects causing failures and also save space