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Study water for the non-stop factory operation

Waterless System

No cooling tower, cooling water, industrial water → No use of changing water.
Optimally control quality, temp. and volume of water throughout the year. Contribute to stable molding.
Free design form One by One (small temp.controller) to Central (large size cooling).
Modularized unit enables to adjust itself to the future expansion of molding machines.

Conventional system

Conventional system Conventional system

Trouble in cooling tower have a bad influence on all other parts!

  • Unable to prevent objects causing failures
  • Impurities are concentrated by evaporation of cooling water
  • Complex system which requires control and maintenance
  • Cooling is insufficient in the summer

System configuration

System configuration

surprisingly simple

Closed circuit prevents contamination from outside air into circulating water

Keep a constant cooling water temperature throughout the year

Operate anywhere in the world

No concentration/deterioration of cooling water