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No back pressure piping system

TOPPS piping

No back pressure TOPPS piping system that does not use sealed piping will convey cooling water evenly to all molding machines. It leads to a stable molding and a reduction in pump conveyance power.


Water supply evenly to all molding machines
→ Stable cooling of molds possible
Realization of rationalization of supply piping
→ Package storage of water, air and electricity piping
Effective for improving work environment
→ Space saving and beautiful plant
Molding machine can be moved even after construction
→ Flexible to move
Construction period shortening by prefabrication
→ Short delivery time, high quality
Freely-designed custom-made system
→ Suggest the optimal system

Comparison with conventional system

  • Pressure is applied in the direction opposite to the original water flow, creating a “back pressure” and uneven distribution of water volume
  • Because the resistance is large, consumption of pump conveyance power is large and waste is also lot
  • Realize "no back pressure" by open piping system
  • Water distribution is good and water is supplied evenly
  • Resistance is suppressed, consumption of pump conveyance power is small, energy saving


Construction example

The collective operation of utilities realizes to create a beautiful factory.

TOPPS piping

Simple TOPPS piping

A passage is secured under the piping rack