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Essential to the cooling system

Pump tank unit

The sensor catches mechanical abnormalities in advance. Prevent sudden failure. It can be operated by automatic switching even in trouble. No need to shut down the factory! Automatic rotation function prolongs machine life. It leads to the reduction of maintenance fee.


Unit configuration

1Circulating water tank

  • Reserved circulating water treated with anticorrosion
  • Connect with sand filter to maintain more clean water quality
  • From here via the temp. controller to water supply to the mold or molding machine

2Pump tank unit

  • We always control constant water pressure & quantity of water and support stable molding
  • Prevention of operation stop by feed medium and circulating pump spare device
  • Contribute to prolonging the life of the device by the automatic rotation function

Backup system

Even if there are any troubles, we will not shut down the factory with three systems!

Emergency manual operation switch

Emergency manual operation switch

Control of pump and outdoor unit has independent systems, and risk is decentralized. Furthermore, emergency operation is also possible with a manual switch.

Spare pump standby

Spare pump standby

Each system pump is equipped with a spare unit.

Circulating water storage tank

Circulating water storage tank

In case of water shortage or leakage accident,
a spare tank stores circulating water.