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Automatic monitoring of mold water pipes

Inspector unit

Measurement and management are possible with this one! We control the flow rate of each water pipe individually and lead to optimization of molding environment. It helps to improve the quality because molding defects can be prevented from being informed that the flow rate fluctuates from the steady state. IoT visualization remote management that saves waste by optimizing energy saving and cost saving environment



1Inspector unite: Booster model

Monitoring of each water pipe can be monitored

2Inspector unit

Good cooperation with ComPass. IoT visualization remote management is possible

FunctionBooster model

Measurement monitor of each water pipe
Monitors flow rate, water temperature and temperature difference for each system, contributing to stable molding and prevention of defective products

Easy water pipe temp. adjustment even if mold changes

  • Adopt booster pump and always control by inverter
  • Automatic control with inverter to supply appropriate amount of water to other water pipes
  • Automatic control to optimization regardless of how the mold changes with reproducible memory function
  • There is also a manual type, and the pressure can be maintained accurately even if the valve is adjusted manually