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Responding to global water quality and environment

Aqua system

If the water contains a large amount of calcium and magnesium components, it is necessary to respond to the water quality, such as a water softener, an RO membrane processing unit if the water has a large amount of silica components. Also, a sand filter is a powerful tool for removing suspended solids such as rust from molds.


Unit function

1Water softener

Removes the hardness component that causes scale and prolongs the RO film

Water softener

Water softener is necessary to treat tap water and well water containing hardness components (Ca, Mg) and metal ions.

2RO membrane processing equipment

Removes any impurities

RO membrane processing equipment RO membrane processing equipment

3Chemical injector

Inject rust inhibitor (Baisabi clean) and keep clean water

Chemical injector

Baisabi clean

Protect pipes from being rusted by forming a dense and thin film on their surfaces. Safe and environmentally friendly biodegradable corrosion inhibitor. No nitrite, phosphoric acid ion are contained.

4Sand filter

Remove impurities mixed in the water of the circulating water tank

Sand filter

Filter suspended solids (SS) and suspended solids.
With compact design, select the model that is most suitable for the field.

Water quality comparison

Water quality comparison Water quality comparison