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Kannetsu strength

Taking into account the changing and diversifying needs of customers along with changes in the market, we have been contributing to the improvement of the efficiency of the manufacturing industry by providing a system corrected to the environment and R&D of solutions.
With over 40 years of experience, our system is used in factory facilities of many good-standing companies. We are providing comprehensive proposals and after-sales service together in Japan and overseas.

Management ability Total coordination

Since everything from inquiry to post-delivery maintenance is concerned, the total cost of implementation can be reduced. You can operate with confidence after delivery.

Management ability

Solution ability Made-to-order proposal

By not only delivering products but also providing utility facilities as a solution provider, we can contribute to the optimum working environment, productivity improvement and cost reduction.


After-sales service abilityHigh quality response by service engineer

If not properly maintained, performance and degradation of facilities will be faster than them with regular maintenance contracts. Your local Kannetsu service engineer will ensure that your equipment is always at its best.


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