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Water affects quality

Smart cool system

If you use a cooling tower, there will always be problems with temperature changes due to the outside air temperature and water quality deterioration due to evaporation. The smart cool system controls stable water temperature and water quality and contributes to customer quality stability.

Conventional temp. controller

System concept

The smart cool system enables energy saving operation because it cools using natural outdoor air. Also since it operates in a closed circuit, there is no water quality change due to evaporation. It can keep stable water temp. and water quality.
Furthermore, if you use Cool Link, partial cooling is possible.
Conventional chillers and temp. controllers do not replace water and are used in poor water quality, which causes deposits of impurities to the cooling holes in the mold and causes rusting.
The Cool Link Thermal Link is equipped with an auto cleaning function, and it always replaces circulating water and maintains clean water quality.

System configuration

System configuration

Model comparison

Feature Correspondence is possible even in extremely hot summer Equipped with air purge function(option) No change in water quality with closed circuit Significantly lower total cost Long life through modularization Wide range of mold temp. is available
The conventional temp. controller could not use it if the cooling water exceeded 35 ° C, but the Cool Link can handle up to 45 ° C. Air purge is possible with one button. Prevents the accumulation and rusting of impurities without leaving cooling water in the cooling holes in the mold. Because of the closed circuit, there is no concentration or contamination of foreign matter due to evaporation of circulating water. Smart cool system reduces both initial and running costs. Leveling of the operating load of each cooler by starting in order from the cooler with the smallest number of start / stop times of operation time.
This will extend the life of the entire system.
30 ° C or less 30 ° C to 50 ° C 50 ° C or higher
Natural cooler
With chiller
No chiller
Thermal Link

※It fluctuates with the outside air wet bulb temp.

Auto cleaning mechanism

※It fluctuates with the outside air wet bulb temp.

Periodically replace the Cool Link and Thermal Link circulating water to keep the water quality in good condition

Point 01

If the circulating water of the Cool Link Thermal Link does not change for a certain period of time, it will be forcibly replaced.

Point 02

During the air purge operation, replace all the Cool Link thermal link circulating water.

Point 03

Contaminated circulating water is recycled by Aqua system

Equipment configuration by mold temperature

Mold temp. 30 ° C or less 30 ° C to 50 ° C 50 ° C or higher
Model NCNatural
  • Coolable water temp. 40 ° C when dry bulb temp. = 38 ° C and relative humidity = 60%
  • Coolable temp. also decreases when dry bulb temp. and relative humidity are low
  • Coolable temp. is outside air wet bulb temp. + 10 ° C


With chiller


With chiller
No chiller
(NC +5℃)50℃
(CL +10℃)~90℃