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Prevent overcooling and seizure of molds

Shuttle cooler

We will solve the problem of lowering the production efficiency that occurred in the conventional system and respond to the product stabilization!


  • Since the medium in the equipment tank (Baisabi clean) is circulated, it prevents clogging of the pin, scale and rust.
  • High pressure water supply can cool thin core pins which could not be cooled
  • The standby, cooling water, and air purge times are set for each system according to the die cast operation signal.
  • Perform air purge to prevent overcooling and nesting
  • Control of cooling time by mold system is possible
  • Time setting can be saved for each mold, and can be easily reproduced at the time of replacement

Conventional system

A major factor in lowering production efficiency and stopping the factory!

  • Scale generation due to concentration of water
  • Mass consumption of water by cooling tower
  • Insufficient cooling of mold · Contamination
  • Rust inside of pipes

Our system

Proposal 01: Secondary Cooling System

Secondary cooling system, optimal for die-casting machines,
resolves the problems of water troubles caused by cooling tower.

Resolve temperature variations that could not be achieved with cooling towers

Contributing to cycle up with chiller method

Secondary Cooling System

Proposal 02: Shuttle cooler

Accurately support production improvement
Thermal release greatly contributes to cycle up

Ideal for preventing seizure of core pins

Shuttle cooler