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Our “ONE FOR ALL” (Kannetsu is for everyone) is our business mind, and we will continue to open the way for customer satisfaction that leads to the next generation as your “best solution partner”. KANNETSU will act together as a company with the intention of “ALL FOR ONE” (for customers to bring success).

We grow together

We, KANNETSU, founded in 1978 as a specialized company focusing on water, heat, air and environmental technology, are about to reach half a century.

Recently, our lifestyles and the environment inside and outside the company have changed significantly, such as globalization and IT, and we are constantly evolving and developing.

In such a process, our basic responsibility is to create a trust by developing technologies and products that match market trends, and by providing close service to all customers.

At the same time, we are focusing on fostering employees and creating a working environment. While striving to reform the way of working that is appropriate for the times, we are making constant efforts to grow employees, such as aiming to improve the value of each of them as a professional.

We always understand our customers’ needs and solve their problems while considerate of their feelings. We connect people with each other through sincerity and trust.

Business is a series of challenges. Now we live the age of connectivity that connects people, goods, and companies. We at KANNETSU are determined to pursue further innovation while aiming for lasting value creation, and to continue to make progress while wishing for the future.


President Tsutomu Araki