The smart factory consisting of the four laboratories

Our promise to all factories

As a solution company of "water, heat, air, environment" We will continue to be a company that gives joy and excitement. We, Kannetsu, has been supporting both domestic and overseas customers to realize the optimum production system on a global scale.
And now, we have four laboratories focusing on energy conservation, environment-conscious cooling and temp. control devices and comprehensive equipment support systems that make up the smart factory in the borderless era.


"Water, Heat, Air, Environment" Solution Company There is something we can do.

Sharpened water to become the life line of the factory
Created high heat to produce high quality products
Space to be prepared to maintain quality
Information linking these things to people

These themes extend to each industries field.
We begin by thinking and finding out the problems and issues that our customers face, and we will provide the best solution.

You can see in the video or total support of the utility equipment management of the factory by the integrated power of four laboratories.